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May 10, 2011
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It doesn't take a genius to realize just how big of a deal this four-piece rock band is. They go by the name Mr. Big. Heard of 'em? If you haven't, then clearly sir, you're due for a little rock ed 101.

Comprised of the powerfully raw vocals of Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert and his scorching guitar solos, a hugely influential bass-player in Billy Sheehan, and Pat Torpey's world-class drumming, Mr. Big most definitely doesn't suffer from any lack of talent. Nor passion for what they do. They've released 10 studio albums since they formed in 1988, from which came hits such as "Addicted to that Rush," "Wild World," "Nothing But Love," "Just Take My Heart," and every bon a fide 90s kid go-to videoke song, "To Be With You."

                       Also the perfect song to post in Facebook...
        for when you feel like your ex-gf has started to totally ignore you.                    

Simply put, Mr. Big is one of the biggest acts of the 90s. And at their 2011 Manila tour press conference held last May 9 in SM North Edsa, a journalist from another publication let that fact be known quickly, starting his question with a moment of subtle appreciation. "You guys are indeed big influences to many musicians in our country..." he said. It was a moment met with many cheers, from a crowd that included a huge contingent of die-hard fans wanting to meet the band.

If anything, Mr. Big proved that you don't stay in this business for decades without the folks who listen, enjoy and love your music. And the band wasn't at all shy to tell us just that, crediting part of their longevity to "having a good relationship with the fans, and treating them as friends." They added, "We're pleased to have good friends everywhere--Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan. It's good to have friends everywhere."

They also believe that their success over the years is also due to a genuine appreciation for music, as well as the very process and approach to making it--a process which the band reveals has "never really changed" through the years. That very same sentiment echoed louder as Gilbert, the band's guitar player, shared that he never stops practicing, and that his inspiration and a lot of new ideas naturally comes from the guitar itself, from just playing it. Indeed, their philosophy to "just make good rock and roll music" has served them well.

More than 20 years since they formed, and a dozen hits later, Mr. Big is still here, telling us that they're still having a great time playing all over the world, and they're very thankful to have fans all over the world. Now they're here literally to give you a night of awesome music. So how about it? How about we Filipino fans show them some love as Mr. Big rocks the country tonight, May 10, and as they play their hits live at the Araneta Coliseum.

Tickets are priced at P3500 Patron, P2500 Lower box, P1500 Upper A, P750 Upper B and are now available at Ticketnet, call 9115555 to reserve. VIP Tickets are also available, call 6871709 or visit www.pulpmagazinelive.com for more information. Gates open at 6 PM.