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Mar 10, 2015
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At the big Apple press conference held in San Francisco yesterday techies drooled over the new, unbelievably thin MacBook.

It was, however, not the only thing that was unbelievable during the presser. The event also hosted entertainment-centric reveals: HBO's new streaming service, HBO Now, will be a timed exclusive for Apple devices. And the new trailer for Season 5 of everyone's favorite dungeons-and-dragons drama on HBO, Game Of Thrones.

Watch it here:

Video via New Esc.com

Now pick your jaw up and look at the WHOA! moments again:

1)   Dany's Unsullied storming the city

2)   Seeing dead people

3)   Furious necking

4)   Obligatory "Winter Is Coming" declaration

5)   Yay, one of Dany's dragons!

In a nutshell: Game Of Thrones' sex and violence game is—how do the kids say it?—on fleek!

Catch Season 5 when it premieres on April 13 (Philippine time).