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As far as massively multiplayer online games (MMORPG) go, Level Up! Philippines will be shaking up the scene once again. Rounding out its MMORPG line up is Perfect World, which promises full 3D graphics, engaging gameplay, and deep character system.

The game is made in China by Beijing Perfect World Technology. It’ll incorporate the rich myths of ancient China as source material for its back story. In the game’s mythology, Pangu is the supreme creator while other gods have made a new world called the Perfect World. Inhabiting this new world are three unique races. While the human and elven types are common in other games, Perfect World has an interesting third race of werebeasts. These shapeshifters can either transform into other creatures or call on other creatures to aid them in battle. For those who are looking a bit more beyond player versus player (PvP), they can look forward to territorial battles where clans, factions, and guilds can defend their own territory.

When it comes to battle, characters with different abilities can battle not only on land, but in water and on air as well. Thanks to an advanced pet system, some creatures can be used for transportation. For creating the perfect character, the player is given free reign on tweaking various aspects of the face and body using a slider system. – Ed Geronia

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