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Jun 3, 2010
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UFC veteran Brandon Vera must be doing just fine, thank you. Witness: a lucrative and decorated MMA career, a fighter’s body as chiseled as a machete, and a beautiful wife who is as tough as they come.
Fresh in town from his recent Red Horse commercial, we were able to snag a sit down Q&A with the man dubbed in the MMA community as “The Truth.”

Brandon has admitted in interviews that he only aspires to be the number 3 guy in his weight class, citing his respect for the current champion and its number one contender as the division’s top 2 fighters.

That is, until he gets his much-awaited title shot and eventually become the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. In the meantime though, Vera is quite happy training and supporting his wife Kerry with her own MMA career.

Most fans aren’t aware that you started in the WEC before coming to the UFC. How was your career back there?
I got a phone call from WEC for me to fight in their heavyweight tournament, so I decided to go ahead and take it. I basically fought two guys in one night.

That was the only fight I ever fought for WEC, because after that UFC gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to fight for them. I had a really short career in WEC and I went straight to UFC.

You think Filipino fighters can belong in the WEC, most of them being in a light weight class and all?
For sure! I think the WEC would be home to many Filipino fighters. WEC has the weight class where most Filipinos are.

There’s not too many in my weight class [light heavyweight].  But for sure that would be something Filipino MMA fighters can start exploring.

How’s the mixed martial arts scene in the Philippines compared to the ones in the US?
I think MMA here in the Philippines are going to catch on quick. The Pinoy fighters are just getting better and better.

They’re starting to get good instructors out here now. Once the fighters become better, I think fans will catch on so quickly. Kasi bakbakan, man! The Filipinos, they like watching fights!

Not to mention how educated fight fans are these days.
Yeah! Before parang galit when the fighters are on the ground they just go “boo” but now alam na. They now pay attention to detail. They know what’s happening even on the ground.

How come we haven’t seen the UFC do a show here?
We’re trying. I know the UFC is trying hard, man. I’m just hanging in there, hopefully being able to be part of the ride. It’s going to get here.

And when that happens, are you going to be headlining the show?
Yeah for sure! It will get here sooner or later.

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