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Jan 19, 2017
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QUIZ: We Know Your Age Based On How You Watch TV

Are you the type to enjoy a bit of scandal and melodrama? Got a love for bingeing on quick and quirky sitcoms? Maybe you’re more into some gritty crime and punishment during primetime? Or are you secretly a certified reality TV junkie who likes to live vicariously through famous and often dysfunctional celebrities?

No doubt about it, your Netflix account can be even more telling of your personality than your carefully cultivated social media persona. Because whether you like it or not, your TV preferences actually reveal a lot about you, the least of which is how many years you’ve been alive and kicking. As a creature of habit and evolving maturity, you simply do things a certain way, and like to watch shows of a certain variety. Answer our quiz to see if you’ve actually got the TV habits of someone your age:


We Know Your Age Based On How You Watch TV


Who is your favorite TV-watching companion?

The wife and kids are always up to enjoy a show with you!

You like watching with your friends if your free time syncs up.

Whoever is with you. Though the people you hang out with usually have their own phones to entertain them. 

No one. TV-time is Me-time, ok?


What do you like to munch on when you’re channel surfing?

Just a cold one is fine, but you wouldn’t say no to a sandwich.

You mainline coffee like you wished you could mainline your TV shows.

Pizza, fries, greasy burgers -- basically anything deliciously unhealthy that you can get your hands on. YOLO!

Popcorn may be cliche, but it does the job right. No other snack is acceptable. 


What genre is definitely for your viewing pleasure?

You always end up watching family-friendly shows nowadays. But if you’re alone, you always end up choosing something action-packed though!

You prefer lighthearted sitcoms to get you through the workweek though you somehow always get sucked into marathoning TV dramas on the weekends. 

Whoever said cartoons were just for kids? And there’s definitely no denying the mainstream appeal of anime and superhero flicks nowadays. 

You only watch intellectually-stimulating shows, and love dissecting thrillers, sci-fi, and crime dramas. You’ve also got a weakness for well-produced documentaries. 


When do you usually tune in?

You like sitting back and reaching for the remote for an hour or two in the early evening.

The weekend is really the only time you can get away from work and do some channel surfing. 

Man, you don’t believe in schedules—you’re hooked on your shows 24/7! 

After dinner is the best time, so you don’t feel rushed and can afford to be picky with what you’re watching.


What is your black mirror of choice?

Um, the TV, duh?

Your work computer, but that’s more a lack of choice since you’re always stuck in the office. 

You prefer the convenience and mobility of your tablet or smartphone. How else would you be able to watch your shows while commuting?!

 You’ve got all your preferences set up perfectly on your personal laptop.


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