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Xbox 360, PC, PS3
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the 360 bested all the previous Rainbow Six games when it came out. With the release of Vegas, the Rainbow Six series reclaims the tactical shooter throne with its gritty gunfights and tense gameplay. As the title implies, the Sin City takes center stage as it is besieged by terrorists. Famous Vegas spots such as the Strip, Fremont Street and the casinos become the battleground in the fight against the lawless elements. Planning beforehand is still important although your operatives will update you of the situation on the field as it develops. They’ll call out the bad guys when they see them. Graphically, the game is littered with incredible detail, especially in the indoor scenes. The enemy AI has been sufficiently beefed up. They can sometimes charge you with everything they’ve got if they’re cornered.

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