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Classified as a Massively Multiplayer Online Fighting Game

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Made by the same developer who made GunBound and released locally by Digital Media exchange, Rakion is classified as a Massively Multiplayer Online Fighting Game. The game offers two modes of play, PvP being the more exciting one. In PvP, players go up against one another while adhering to certain rules and achieving specific objectives. Players can have the option of bringing either their ranged or melee weapons.

There are five available character classes, each with their own unique moves and abilities. These are the Swordsman, Archer, Mage, Ninja and Blacksmith. All characters can wield a variety of weapons. They also have a Chaos Mode ability which is available for a limited amount of time. All characters, with the exception of the Mage, transform into their alternate creature incarnation. Mages can summon another larger Mage, which they can control.

Rakion is free to play, with no monthly subscription fees. Its item based business model enables players access to the game for free. Players have the option of topping up with cash to buy in-game items or to avail of in-game services. Using their Mobius Online account, players can purchase avatars and Rakion Power Cards.

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