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May 26, 2011
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There are only two reasons why you’d go on a roadtrip without any music to accompany you.

One, you have a clear and nonnegotiable hatred for tunes. Two, your car stereo is busted.

Music, if we may be so bold, is as essential to road trips as milk is to cereal. For one, it helps take your mind off of things that distract you from driving, like your need to pee with the next rest stop still miles away, for example.

And right now, we are very much in the mood to go on a road trip. One big reason: rainy days are here soon, and the bed’s beckoning on those cool, rainy days may be too strong for us to resist and haul our asses on a sojourn. So before the summer fully concedes to typhoon season (coincidentally, the first big one shares its name with a popular German auto brand), we’re going to put ourselves in the right mood to just get away and drive. With what, you ask? Why with music, of course! Here are ten of the best songs to be driving with:

1) The Ramones – "Blitzkrieg Bop"

Best time to play: As soon as you pull out of the driveway. It’s one of the best songs to kick start your journey.

All together now: “Hey ho! Let’s go! Hey ho! Let’s go!”

Not a good time to play when: Your grandfather’s riding shotgun, unless you want him to go: “Is this what you kids listen to now?!”

2) Smokey Robinson - "Cruisin"

Best time to play: When you’re just cruising on a long stretch of road in the province. Also good for when you want to get cute with a lady friend.

All together now: “And if you want it, you got it, forever. Let the music take your mind, just release and you will find.”

Not a good time to play when: It’s an all-dude roadtrip, and you have a rising suspicion that the one riding shotgun might actually only be as straight as a zigzag.

3) Eraserheads - "Overdrive"

Best time to play: When you want everyone in the car to sing. Or expose those who don't know this Eraserheads classic.

All together now: “Gusto kong matutong mag-drive. Kahit na wala akong kotse. Gusto kong matutong mag-drive. Kahit na walang lisensya.”

Not a good time to play when: You hit a patch of road in the provinces where you have to constantly be trying to overtake tricycles. The song then might just frustrate you more. 

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