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EMI Philippines
Back in their glory years, members of Razorback and Wolfgang would perform together onstage under the moniker Flaming Hemorrhoids. They’d play classic rock tunes—lots of string bends, lazy beats, oohs and ahhs. You’d think that when they finally get together in one band, they’d play the same sound. But this is not the case, as per Rock N’ Roll Death Toll, Lokomotiv's big debut. The band is Dave Aguirre, Wolf Gemora and up until June, Basti Artadi, along with never-heard-of Danny Gonzales. Death Toll, to our ears, has a train’s breakneck speed but not much snazzy amenities inside the coaches. Save for the tunes “Slow Grind” and “Madre Salvacion,” we believe they were thinking more metal-out freight than classic-rock country express. Wonder if they’ll ever get tired staying in the cramped and dirty sections of rock.

Lokomotiv official website

Photos by: Alex Pascual and Dennis Santarinala