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HBO, premieres May 7, Monday 11PM
Think of Rome as history class minus your boring scrawny history teacher. The four-time Emmy-winning drama of epic proportions is back for its final season, carpe diem-ing every penny invested on the US$100-million HBO production—and how!

The ten-installment season picks up from the first season’s last episode, still reeking of Julius Caesar’s assassination. With the Roman Empire’s head honcho out of the way, it’s a looter’s wildest fantasy come true with everything in Rome up for grabs, including the power to rule the empire.

The now fucked-up ancient Rome is still relived through the eyes of plebian soldiers, Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) and the unwittingly funny Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson). But along with the Roman ruckus, the two protagonists likewise have to wrestle with their own demons such as the death of Vorenus’ missus Niobe and Pullo adjusting to a domesticated, married life.

And what’s the use of Roman history without debauchery? Cleopatra’s still running around parading her sex appeal, Octavia finds herself getting high on hemp on occasion, and caged animals running amok in coliseums. -Chrissy Icamina