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Sep 24, 2013
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A ghost that needs no introduction, Sadako was once accountable for a lot of sleepless nights and for turning the ordinary television into an object of terror in her film, The Ring.

Originally released in 1998, the Japanese film The Ring became a cult hit in the early 2000s in the Philippines, right when pirated DVDs were starting to take off. Like the legendary cursed tape in the film itself, the film spread through word of mouth. Some of us who were in high school when the franchise took off spoke of it in pseudo-mysterious tones: “Pare napanood mo na ba yung The Ring? Eto panoorin mo…pero pagkatapos mong panoorin, ipapanood mo sa iba ha…

To refresh your memory, The Ring’s curse spread through a videotape. Watch it, and you’ve got seven days to live. Sometimes, you’ll get mysterious calls. At the end of seven days, if you don’t pass the tape off to someone else and have them watch it, a lady comes for you—conveniently through your TV screen. Her name? Sadako Yamamura, she of the buhaghag hair and dirty white dress.

With a new film coming out this week, Sadako 2 3D, we decided to revisit the freaky lass. Granted, the new films (a prequel, Sadako 3D, came out last year) haven’t exactly been keeping us up all night, having lost the atmosphere that the original films were known for—which only makes it more important for us to remind ourselves how Sadako scared the snakeshit out of us!

First, let's reacquaint ourselves with the cursed videotape that started it all:


Done? Now you have to share this article, unless you want the Sadako curse to befall you. Or not. Below are the 12 reasons why Sadako was so scary. Make sure to read to the last page for some bonus sexy Sadako photos

1) That buhaghag hair

                                                          Sadako's bagong-gising look just wasn't that sexy

Can you imagine the amount of shampoo you’d have to use to remove all the grime her hair accumulated through the many years of being stuck in that hole? Covering her entire face, that black mass of follicle has always made us wonder: How scary could her actual face be?! It’s one of the most lasting design elements of this iconic character, so much so that we still call our friends with unruly hair “Sadako.”

2) The eye!

                                                                                  Te, gusto mo ng Eye-mo?

No, not that other Asian horror movie! Bulging out of its sockets, Sadako’s eye shows signs of extreme stress and scary popping veins. Seeing this, we think we can all agree that Sadako should keep her hair long and unkempt. 

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