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Independently produced
An album that is both intelligent and fun is very and far between. But sometimes you get lucky and end up with such a record in your hands as we have with Salindiwa’s eponymous record. Salindiwa, is technically adept and theoretically sound yet comes off unpretentious. The five-piece band, accompanied by their equally talented friends, fuses jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and indigenous Pinoy music. With great command over their chosen instruments they produce an extremely eclectic record, to say the least. The interaction between the flitting keys and the hard bass lines, the flirtatious percs and the sometimes-angry guitars is extraordinary. Sure, there are instances when they come across as masturbatory, like in the long and lingering instrumental “Ilodmodai,” but they level this off with lighthearted lines and playful passages making the wordless song such a fun piece. - Lou Albano

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