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Aug 19, 2014
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If you've visited FHM.com.ph recently, you might have noticed that we've been fawning over a certain movie about samurais and super-cool samurai moves.

That movie is Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, which finally opens in local cinemas tomorrow, August 20. We've seen it, but we might just watch it again owning to our undying sentiment for one of the coolest animes from the past decade. Also, because the film has some of the most incredible sword-fighting scenes we've seen in a long, long while, which we wouldn't mind seeing again.

We could say the same about the anime. So, in celebration of the release of the new film tomorrow, we checked out some old episodes over at YouTube...and marveled at how it bent the general laws of physics and science for the sake of entertainment. Here we look at some of the craziest, science-defying moments from the show and wonder if they could be recreated in real life!

Samurai X Scientific Philosophy #1: You can negate the impact of punches from an opponent by punching yourself

Wait, What? In a fight scene between Kenshin's BFF Sanosuke and monk-gone-mad Anji, Sanosuke attempts to finish off his opponent with a devastating body blow. He thinks he's got the crazy monk, until the camera zooms out to reveal that the force of the blow has been canceled out. How? The monk punches the other side of his body, which negates Sanosuke's blow.

Will it work in real life? In a street fight, try punching the other side of your face while getting hit on the other by some tambay. Chances are, your punch won't cancel out his punch. But the sheer craziness of the technique will scare the tambay away, thinking that he's fighting an insane person.

In that sense, it works.

Samurai X Scientific Philosophy #
2: You can set your sword aflame by dousing your blade in the flesh and fat of humans

Wait, what? Evil mastermind Shishio Makoto has killed so many people with his blade that the blade has a layer of human fat and flesh enveloping it. One spark from the opponent's blade meeting his and the sword bursts into flames, because apparently human fat and flesh are that combustible.

Will it work in real life? Have you killed so many people with your blade that it's now permanently covered in human fat? If yes, we urge you to slowly put that sword down peacefully, and turn yourself over calmly at the nearest police station.


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