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Apr 15, 2015
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The NBA defending champs, San Antonio Spurs, are peaking at just the right moment. They've won 17 of their last 20 games and are well on their way to locking up the second seed in the Western Conference Playoffs with a win against the New Orleans Pelicans tomorrow. 

The old guys are once again primed for their annual Playoff rampage.

The doesn't mean though that they don't have time to relax. Released on April 14, 2015 was a YouTube video featuring the Spurs as '80s band Duran Duran, or should we say, Spuran Spuran? Bad band puns aside, the clip features Kawhi Leonard on drums, Matt Bonner on bass, Aron Baynes and Patty Mills on keytar, and The Coyote on keyboard duty—all of whom looked like they lost a bet and had to do this. Except for Matt Bonner of course, who edited, produced, and directed the clip.

If you've ever wondered how Mills and Baynes would look like in drag, then this is the video for you:

Video via San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan also emailed us a GIF today that captured their coach's reaction after finding about the music video:

GIF via SBNation.com

And there goes the rest of Bonner's playing time! #PrayForBonner