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Oct 13, 2015
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Halloween season is just around the corner and in just a couple of weeks, TV shows and other forms of entertainment will be filled with ghosts and all sorts of spooky stuff, from the totally meh (seriously, skull lamps again?) to the downright balls-shrinking scary. Pumpkin sales are also expected to double, and no, it's not because of pinakbet.

If only Kabayan Noli De Castro and his old crew can do a reunion and give us another epic Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween special. We can still remember how we pushed our poor bladders to the limit after watching the show just so we won't have to run to the toilet and encounter a headless ghost or a black lady. Man, those were the good ol' (scaredy-cat) days!

So, while we were looking for horror videos to test our mettle and find out if our courage is all good for Halloween, we chanced upon a five-minute mini movie on Facebook that instantly triggered our curiosity.

The video was uploaded on Kuya Jobert's Facebook fan page on July 19, 2015 and has now garnered over 140,000 views. It's a legit fright-fest titled Magandang Gabi Bryan.


Magandang Gabi Bryan

Goodnight mga dre...

Posted by Kuya Jobert on Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lesson learned: Don't just leave the TV remote control anywhere.