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Aug 13, 2014
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The premise of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel’s new comedy, Sex Tape, is simple: to pump up the raunchiness of their monotonous marriage, Annie and Jay make a sex video using their iPad. It accidentally gets uploaded onto the “cloud,” and can now be viewed on the iPads they gave away as gifts. They must go through hell and high water to stop their friends and relatives from getting a glimpse of their privates in action.

The film is now playing in local cinemas. Here's the trailer:

A correspondent for GQ recently debunked the film’s plot by fact checking through Apple’s tech support. So worry not, gents. If you are smart enough, you can film yourselves having intercourse without having to worry about it getting plucked into the virtual spank bank. But as history (and the Internet) has taught us, that isn’t always the case. If you film it, sooner or later, other peepers are bound to play audience to your sexual shenanigans.

Sex tapes–especially celebrity ones–are so common that they’ve kind of become passé. They’re leaked, spread, and consumed, and then it’s on to the next salacious scandal. In honor of this new movie that makes light of private-turned-public jiggy sessions, we’ve created a mini-timeline of actual celebrity sex videos for you to devour–because let’s face it, you were never really going to see Cameron D’s punani anyway (although she does finally bare something in the film *wink*).