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Stars: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Topher Grace
Five years after our acrophobia-free hero hung upside down to kiss the lips of rain-drenched hottie Mary Jane (Dunst), underachieving alter ego Peter (Maguire) is now busy with a balanced life of love-filled bliss.

But thanks to new a host of baddies, Sandman and Venom, and our hero’s uncharacteristic big-headedness, what first appears to be a resolute existence turns into another nightmare romp. Overconfident and neglectful Spidey begins to bask too much in the limelight creating a gap between him and all those he loves and loves him. He begins a spirited chase for all good things—all caused by an icky black substance that triggers both a personality and costume color switch.

All hell finally breaks loose when the mysterious liquid occupies someone else, creating the webbed one’s bitter comics and now, onscreen rival, Venom (Grace). Not to mention, shape-shifting Sandman and former friend turned vengeful New Goblin, Harry Osborn (Franco).

Can our hero still save the day? Will Mary Jane continue to stuff his lonely nights? Will this flick be good enough to help the franchise surpass the two billion mark? Questions only the tried and tested act of watching this Sam Raimi helmed bonanza will answer! – B.A. Borleo

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