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May 3, 2013
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Star Trek Into Darkness, the grand sequel to the 2009 sci-fi extravaganza, Star Trek, hits Philippine cinemas on May 17. The original, a cinematic treat that finally showed that the franchise deserved to be on the same screen as Star Wars, introduced Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the SS Enterprise crew to a whole new generation of Trekkies.

Star Trek used to be nerdy. The movie made it nerdy-cool—in large part due to the imaginative visuals, its roster of highly memorable characters, and Spock’s live long and prosper ways. Suddenly, it was cool to bust out that finger-splitting Vulcan sign.  

That new generation of audience will be pleased to know that the sequel only builds upon the wickedness of the 2009 original.

How do we know? Well, last April 23, Solar UIP, the official distributing partner of the film in the country, invited us to watch Star Trek Into Darkness way ahead of its May 17 premiere in the Philippines. Or at least 30 minutes of it. Yup, just half an hour. In other words: bitin.

Here are our gleeful fanboy-isms key observations from the super sneak preview they showed us at the IMAX Cinema in SM North Edsa.

1) Director JJ Abrams is back (and he seems pumped for the movie)

Prior to the start of the screening, a happy-looking JJ Abrams introduces himself and briefs us on what we’re about to see. He says that this was the 2D version, although the film was destined to be seen in 3D. As the director of the rebooted franchise, and other successful flicks such as Mission Impossible 3 and the Steven Spielberg co-produced Super 8, JJ Abrams is essentially the thinking man’s Michael Bay.

He likes exploding things as much as the next guy, but also pays attention to other important matters like, for example, a neat story, such as what we expect Into Darkness will deliver.

This isn't the introductory video we saw, but listen to what JJ has to say in this interview below:

2) IMAX is the way to go

We’re at a point where made-for-IMAX movies have begun to fully take advantage of the technology’s oversized dimensions. And Star Trek Into Darkness seems the perfect vehicle to prove just that. Expansive outer space vistas, exotic earth-like planetscapes, screen-filling spaceships, this is definitely the kind of movie to catch on IMAX.

We were blown away by what we saw in the preview, and absolutely can’t wait for more. When we do watch the whole thing, you’ll be sure we’ll be doing it IMAX-style.

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