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Jun 25, 2010
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We all know Cartoon Network isn't just for Kzone kids—who of us hasn't stayed up late for a good trip on Adult Swim, right?[firstpara]Thought that has long been banished to short term memory obvilion, there's Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters to replace your cartoon fascination.

The animated show is already on its second season, already, it's delving deeper into to the conflicts between good and evil, as was laid out in the 70s when all this began.

In the new episodes (which airs every Friday at 730 PM), we will see our Jedi heroes get involved deeper in all the intrigues surrounding the wartime milieu of the series.

In the first season, series creator and executive producer George Lucas says that it was about setting up “a conflict between good and evil, with clear-cut good guys and bad guys, much like the first movie.”

He added that it was more about exploring the world, introducing the characters, as well as setting the tone and essentially who’s on the side of good and evil.

It is the second season that gets into the thick of things. Says Lucas: " It furthers the story like The Empire Strikes Back did for the original trilogy.

"It’s more complicated, and we’re seeing that an ongoing war isn’t as simple as we’d been led to believe.”

On a technical level, George confidently remarks: “We’ve also come a long way with our production. To look at the first season versus the episodes that are airing now, the difference is clear.” Translation: better-looking lightsabers.

Perhaps what will be a unique highlight for this season is the inclusion of lawless bounty hunters whose allegiances are about as clear as Darth Vader’s talking.

Star Wars fans should remember the powder-faced Aurra Sing from the Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and the reptilian Bossk from The Empire Strikes Back. These notorious characters are sure to shake things up for Anakin and the rest of his Jedi pals.

Asked if the season will be exploring Anakin and Padme’s romantic relationship more, Lucas only had this to say: “Anakin’s not the only Jedi with romantic tendencies. We’re going to see that even the most serious Jedi Masters have pasts, and that those pasts can sometimes return unexpectedly.”

To which we’ll reply “Well, we’re not too comfortable with cartoon characters kissing anyway, George.”