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Mar 11, 2013
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The scene earlier today at the newly-opened Netopia/Extreme Gaming Grounds in Greenhills was all too familiar for anyone who has ever made the mad dash to internet cafés after school to play a game of Counterstrike, Diablo 2, or heck, maybe even Battle Realms.

The place was packed, only this time, the game everyone in the room was all pumped up for was far newer: Starcraft 2: The Heart of the Swarm. The next installment in Blizzard’s stellar strategy series has arrived, and has officially begun its infestation of store shelves everywhere for  P1,795 a copy.

Heart of the Swarm, for everyone asking, is of course an expansion pack, which means you will need the base game Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty to play it. And as of this writing, Wings of Liberty now sells at the discounted rate of P1,395 to somehow make it lighter on the wallets for those who are only adopting Starcraft 2 now.

Why should you shell out more than 3K for a game? Check out Heart of the Swarm's trailer below:

Return of the queen
Brought to our shores by X-Play Online Inc., the same guys who brought in NBA 2K13 and Diablo 3, The Heart of the Swarm is the first expansion pack to the 2010 original Starcraft 2:Wings of Liberty. The story picks up right where the last one left off, with the spotlight now shifting to ex-human being/alien queen Sarah Kerrigan and her icky Zerg forces. Her ultimate goal: to hunt down the traitorous Arcturus Mengsk, and end his life once and for all. The sci-fi story unfolds in the single-player campaign that spans 20 galaxy-sweeping missions. Throughout the game, Kerrigan will gain new skills and level up while her Zerg brood evolves into new forms that the player will have the power of choosing.

                            Add her to the list of sexy chicks we wouldn't want to touch

Along with the continuation of the series’s juicy Star-Trek-meets-Starship-Troopers plotline, the expansion pack refines the Starcraft 2 experience. New units for each race such as the Terran Hellbats, Zerg Swarm Hosts, and Protoss Tempests, and ability upgrades for certain existing units in Wings of Liberty, add new depth and strategy to the gameplay. An enhanced physics system makes the battles look far more dynamic and explosive. And a new player-leveling system makes things more rewarding by allowing players to earn customization options for their online profiles.  

Meanwhile, extra features such as the group and clan systems, training and versus A.I. modes, unranked matchmaking, region-free Global Play sytem, stat-tracking and user interface improvements only serve to enrich the overall experience.

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