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Feb 19, 2014
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When it comes to local rom-coms, no leading lady does it better than Toni Gonzaga.

She won us over with her self-deprecating demeanor in You Are The One. She made us believe that true love trumps physical appearance any day of the week in My Big Love. She even threw at her leading man a flurry of pick-up lines in My Amnesia Girl. With all due respect to the country's finest dramedy queens, Toni is, like, way up there!

And as a testament to her charms, check this out: Toni's latest flick with Piolo Pascual, Starting Over Again, is now a critical and commercial success, having reached the P200-million mark in a span of five days! Press play on the video below to see the film's trailer:


So how did Toni become the nation's rom-com darling? Well, for one, she's not afraid to bare a little (and we do mean a little) skin.  Also, these reasons:

1. She doesn't mind playing the role of
 manghahabol instead of the hinahabol

Toni G
"Ayaw mo lang tanggapin ang katotohanan na kahit sino ka pa at ano ka pa, karapat-dapat kang mahalin. Kaya ayaw mo rin magmahal eh!" - as Sally Malasmas in You Are The One (2006)

2. She plays tomboy roles to perfection, and her manly voice only helps her acting

Toni G 
"Kung sino man siya at mahal niya ako, dito lang siya sa tabi ko. Bawal ang cool-off, timeout, yosi break, coffee break, kahit C.R. break!" - as Moe Santander in You Got Me! (2007)

3. She gets to fall in love with a chubby guy, and it doesn't feel like an overkill because we can totally see it happening in real life

Toni G
"Ginagawa niyo ba 'to para makita ni Nina kung ano ang pinakawalan niya? 'Aba, si Macky na ba 'yan?' Hanggang sa makiusap siya na balikan mo siya dahil hindi niya kayang mabuhay na wala ka!" - as Aira Capistrano in My Big Love (2008)

4. She has the uncanny ability to look like a doofus if the scene calls for it

Toni G
"Ayoko sa inyo. Mga tanga! Manliligaw lang kayo sa mamamatay pa. Eh 'di ba mga masokista 'yun?" - as Winona Aunor in My Only U (2008)

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