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Sep 18, 2013
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If you haven’t already seen the trailer for We’re the Millers, the comedy where a tightly-toned J-Aniston strips to her undies when a marijuana trafficking deal goes awry, then feast your eyes on this:


Awesome right? Well, aside from seeing movie stars in the buff, there are maybe two million reasons why stripteases are a fun addition to movies. But for you guys, we’ve broken it down to three: they’re a break from all the melodrama/action/horror/comedy occurring in a movie, they’re visually mesmerizing, and yeah, they’re obviously smoking hot. And for Chrissakes, it's a striptease. 

So to celebrate the art of disrobing (and to get your blood boiling), we’ve combined a list of the best movie stripteases that have left male viewers entertained, aroused, and reeling from a bad case of the blue balls. 

While the technical definition of the striptease involves taking off articles of clothing one by one, we're broadening the definition to "actress doing seductive dance," for the purpose of, well, showing you these videos below...

1) Vanessa Ferlito in Death Proof

The tiniest of khaki shorts, a jukebox belting out The Coasters’ “Down in Mexico,” a chair, and actress Vanessa Ferlito–all the ingredients needed for a successful lap dance. Quentin Tarantino’s car-chase slasher flick probably isn’t his best work, but we will be forever thankful for this scene that has heightened our love for Latinas.


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