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Oct 21, 2010
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In one of Discovery Channel’s most popular survival series, Man Vs. Wild, we learned many things about survival, such as making a totally sweet hammock out of vines, filtering swamp water using your shirt (provided it hasn’t been torn to pieces by wolves), and eating all sorts of things—most of which were disgusting—to prevent starvation.

 In particular, we remember vividly the “eating all sorts of things” part.

We mean, seeing someone squeeze the juice out of elephant poop, and drink it, is something that’s understandably hard to forget.

That Bear Grylls, is something else, isn’t he?   

Or is he? Premiering on November 1, Monday, 9 PM on the Discovery Channel is a new survival show called Dual Survival. It features two skilled experts: the military-trained Dave Canterbury, a Special Reaction Team (SRT) instructor, a sniper, and close-quarter combat trainer, and Cody Lundin, a 20-year “naturalist” survival veteran who has been walking barefoot for more than 20 years.

And in an interview, Cody was asked what separated their show from Man Vs. Wild, and if it offered anything new.

He answered: “Yes, real skills and someone who actually knows how to do them.” That’s some fighting words right there.

Survival show rivalries aside, Dual Survival’s premise seeks to compare the two hosts’ different views on survival, and see whether one is more effective than the other, and if the two could indeed work together.

The pair will be put in survival scenarios that could happen to anyone such as getting lost in the jungle, or stranded in the mountains. They’ll only be equipped with minimal gear, and so they’ll have to draw upon their experience, and rely on smarts and their own wild instincts to conquer the challenges set forth before them.

Before Dave and Cody got jettisoned to some random far-off place again though, we were able to catch up with them to talk a little more about the show.

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