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Sep 2, 2010
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The Big Bang Theory is one of lucky few television shows that arrive at a safe-sailing third season without selling out on its signature comedy, that is, the art of geek mockery.
The premise of Big Bang, orbits around a typical set-up involving two physicist roommates and a charming blonde waitress living right next to their apartment.

Technical geek fantasies, Star Wars terminologies, and underdog misadventures follow suit.

Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons play roommates Leonard and Sheldon. One of them is madly in love with the girl next door and the other is an obsessive compulsive, anti-social genius.

Rounding up the gang are the equally-geeky and anti-social Wolowitz and Koothrappal. When Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moves in across the hall, we are treated to a spectacle of episodes on how much they know about life outside the skirts of a laboratory: Nothing.

The show makes good use of the working formula behind the bizarre and unconventional way geeks handle everything routinely normal in life.

One of the greater pull-ins for the show is the platonic chemistry between rivals Sheldon and Penny. Their ridicule for each other’s intellect never runs out of momentum.

Big Bang also has the rare privilege of capitalizing on a trademark character to carry the show to mainstream proportions. Jim Parsons took home his first Emmy trophy Sunday night for playing the brainiac nugget Sheldon Cooper.

Some days we do find the awesome in being a geek – from their never-miss-out comic book Thursdays to their desperate attempts at picking women up. The more you watch it, the more willing you are to accept the wonders of their pathetic little world.

The Big Bang Theory airs daily on Jack TV. Click here for the show’s screening schedule.