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May 2, 2014
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Since kakasuweldo lang, we bet many of you will go out and make waldas. Libre!

Just a piece of advice, fellas: Ingat!

Life is as fleeting as a bitchy GF's good moments. This is, perhaps, the single greatest thing we've learned so far from watching YouTube videos all day long. Seriously guys, don't go thinking and acting like you're indestructible.

We're just looking out for you bros; we're just fragile meatbags after all. So, to drive home a point, here are some near-death moments caught on cam along with the lessons we learned after watching them. We're not out to scare you, but we do hope you'll take extra care from now on, even while doing something so mundane like crossing the street or frolicking in #Laboracay.

Again, ingat!


Don't freakin' sit on da riles. Just don't.


You never know when a train is barreling behind you. So #lingonlingondinpagmaytime


Never use a motorcycle as a school service for kids

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