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If you’ve been following our weekend guide these past few months, chances are you’ve already found yourself hanging out at bars catering to indie rock bands. And if you were really lucky, you might have come across one of the most talented indie bands in the circuit today: Techy Romantics.

The indie-pop trio recently released their debut album Touch, and unsurprisingly, it’s awesome. Its synth-driven melodies and danceable beats are primarily to blame.

While the chemistry among the three members is undeniable—they bounce off each other effortlessly—we give props to vocalist Camyl Besinga. Be it on record or live, hers is a kind of vocal performance that’s sexy and evocative, promptly inspiring us to round up a list of other vocalists whose voices alone can make men weak in the knees.

We present the eight other ladies of Pinoy rock who make the band scene a whole lot sweeter:

Sarah Marco
Sarah is the lead vocals of Taken By Cars, which may be the closest in terms of genre, to our band of the moment, Techy Romantics.
They’re the same in the sense that they both make heavy use of new wave-y synthesizers, dance beats, and lest we forget, both take full advantage of their vocalist’s sexy voices.

Barbie Almalbis
One word for you: cute. Without even singing a note, Barbie’s Cradle’s former vocalist already had it going with her looks. Her voice may be a wee bit too cute and her music, too sweet but those are exactly what makes Barbie such a charmer. She may be a family woman now, husband, child, and all, but that doesn't erase the fact that she's too darn cute. Have we mentioned that she's cute?