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What happens when The Sims crosses over with MySpace

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There is what happens when The Sims crosses over with MySpace. Players start by creating their own avatar, which requires picking the gender and name. Character customization can be done by changing various physical aspects such as body and head shapes, hairstyle, and eye and skin color. The customizable character options number to about 500. Changing one’s clothing is as simple as buying new clothes, which may cost players a small amount of real world cash. Incidentally, moolah in There is known as Therebucks or Tbux for short.

There is free to play and once players are in the world, they’ll find that there are a lot of things to do. These include the ever-popular buggy races, paintball shootouts, and trivia contests. It can be overwhelming at times, but there’s a lot to do in There. For the creative types, they can design their own line of clothes, furniture, and vehicles. Because of a thriving in-game virtual economy, There players can either trade or sell the items to other players. Advanced players can even participate in the game’s developer program if they want to further enhance their skills in designing more complex objects such as cars and houses.

With There’s Voice Chat feature users can talk to each other in real time. This service becomes available once users purchase a lifetime Premium Membership. Aside from the voice and chat features, another compelling There feature are the in-game events which feature virtual concerts and appearances by real-world celebrities such as FHM girls Sofie Garrucho and Asia Agcaoili. New events and activities pop up every month so there’s always something to do in There. - Ed Geronia

There Philippines