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May 2, 2016
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Finally, there is a gym for gamers. And no, we're not talking about Pokemon gyms.

The Asphalt Green gym in Upper East Side, New York has a new section dedicated to a high-intensity, circuit-based workout program that resembles one huge videogame. It displays a fully interactive workout space for those who exercise, with floors and walls that respond to touch. With those neon-lit visual cues, it feels like you're a videogame character reaching for that next power-up. And technically, these are power-ups; chasing down those interactive lights should offer quite the workout. Watch how it works:

Named the AG6 program, participants of the workout have to react to unpredictable LED light cues, which trains reflexes and muscle memory, in addition to generating short bursts of intense exercise. People can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 45-minute class.

According to their website, the section just opened on April 19 and is the first workout space in North America to use the PRAMA workout system, an exercise that relies on pressure sensitive walls and floors with integrated LED light and sound.

Hopefully gym owners here in the Philippines pick up on the idea as well. With the way the program works, it is bound to attract a lot of first timers to the gym who aren't interested in old-fashioned weight lifting.