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Mar 12, 2014
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We like big things. The series Attack On Titan was last year's big anime obsession. The macho Ford Ranger Wildtrak had us saving up for the first time in our lives. And Pacific Rim had us squealing like the giant-robot geeks that we are.

That's why the new video game Electronic Arts' Titanfall, an epic first-person shooter for the Xbox One featuring giant robots, is giving us an incredibly hard time stopping ourselves from withdrawing our entire bank savings for the next-gen console and the game. It's essentially doing for the Xbox One what the original Halo did for the original Xbox back in 2001: giving all gamers a reason to go next-gen now!

All the awesome, will-get-you-craving-for-Titanfall goodies are below!

1) First of all, we've been feeling the hype since we saw the first gameplay trailer back in October 2013:


Here's a summary: Your movements are jetpack-assisted so you can do parkour moves on steroid. You can take out robots even when you're not in one, thanks to anti-titan weapons. And of course, you get to ride the said titans yourself should you find the need to GO BONKERS ON THE FIGHTING FIELD.

2) It's a multiplayer-only game that's actually fun by being forgiving

Yup, the title is multiplayer-only. There's no single-player campaign. For many of us who can't play games for days on end anymore because we have to do adult things (i.e. work, an actual life), the lack of single-player support is an immediate turn-off. Having our butts handed to us by kids who can play the game all day long is not our idea of busting stress.

Thankfully, the game is very forgiving for noobs. Developed by former Call Of Duty developers, it's been fashioned in a way that will allow new players to be competitive. Here's what Wired.com's Chris Kohler, the site's Gamelife blog editor, says about the game's multiplayer nature:

"Multiplayer shooters, for me, are generally all about just getting shot in the head repeatedly. The learning curve is too steep, and it’s no fun to lose. Titanfall makes some significant changes to the formula that, for me, have flipped the equation...

...as you kill things, complete objectives, and generally accomplish good stuff, you gain experience points, which cause you to level up, which allows you access to new weapons, abilities and equipment. Experience points are given out so generously that even if you’re not winning battles, you feel like you’re accomplishing something by continuing to play.

By making sure that players of all skill levels will have the chance to do at least something during any given match, Titanfall goes a long way towards keeping you excited about playing. "


NEXT: Parkour plus guns equals hours and hours of fun!