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Mar 8, 2012
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Summer's here, meaning it's better to go watch at a movie house, if only to escape from the heat. Here we've picked eight movies we believe you'd want to watch. And what better way to get you excited about them than by showing you the trailers, as analyzed and nitpicked by the uptight, hard-nosed nitpickers in us. Here you go, boys!

Starring: Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

What we see: Mr. Pitt as Oakland A’s baseball manager Billy Beane talking to a bunch of geriatric dudes. He then employs a still-pudgy computer geek in the form of Jonah Hill for a new computer-generated system of acquiring players. Then there’s some funny banter and a sudden jerk into melodrama where Beane sits on the stands, staring into the field. Is it another inspirational sports movie? Looks it.

Why we’d see it: A sports movie executed in a dramatic and comedic fashion may just be the right alternative when you’re favorite NBA team or MMA fighter just choked. Brad Pitt’s praised performance coupled with Jonah Hill’s insurmountable wit is a definite homerun.

John Carter
Starring: Taylor Kitsch

What we see: Well, we hear Peter Gabriel’s haunting “My Body is a Cage” as a civil war vet is transported into an alien world where, erm, he seems to be the alien: Wveryone is green and lanky and looks like an insect. It kind of reminds us of a classic Clint Eastwood Western, only this one is set in Mars.

Why we’d see it: Disney produced the movie, and if they’re best at anything, it’s for propelling us to a happy place–plus its got aliens, action, and a weirdly sexy tribal princess. Enough said.

Starring: Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave

What we see: An old British lad talks about Shakespeare and the mystery behind The Bard. He then questions the legitimacy of his work. Cue Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place” as Elizabethan images of rebellion­–burning castles, marching soldiers, and mass riots–pummel your senses.

Why we’d see it: Shakespearean tragedies have been the foundation of many a good modern drama. And if the story behind his identity is just as compelling as those of The Bard’s works, then count us in.

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