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Jun 23, 2015
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Maja Salvador really knows how to strut her stuff.

Last Sunday, June 21, the talented Kapamilya star gave us another drool-worthy performance on variety show ASAP. She hit the stage with Enrique Gil and twerked like it was the last time she'd be twerking (and consequently made our heart stop completely) as she took on Brandon Beal's massive pop hit, "Shake It Like Miley."

From the get-go, you can definitely smell that something epic was going to happen. (Also, whoever styled Maja deserves a raise!)

In a matter of seconds, our heartbeats spiked from normal to 200 beats per minute.

Meanwhile, our boy Enrique was totally clueless of what he's missing out on.

Staying true to the lyrics, Maja "back-back-back-backed it up and dropped it down low."

And twerked it like better than Miley.

You nailed it, Maja! How about a repeat performance at the 100 Sexiest Victory Party? Yes?

Hold up, no need to go to Google, you can watch the full video below:

Video via ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel