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Nov 27, 2014
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Epic soundtracks that enhance the action and the drama are another reason why we love videogames, apart from the visuals, stories and boob-tastic gals.

This got us thinking: if a v-game’s music can make a scene 100 times cooler, can the same thing happen if we use them in real life? FHM finds out as we round up eight eargasmic videogame tuneage and see how they’ll play out when applied to your casual, every day haps!

Pump up the volume, DJ!

The Situation: When You’re About To Enter A Crowded MRT Train (A.K.A. The Seventh Gate Of Hell) 

You’ve been waiting in line at the MRT station for 15 to 30 minutes—shet, late ka na!—and just when you thought you’re out of the woods when you reach the platform, BOOM, you see a train car full of passengers and a crowd lining up as if it’s FHM’s 100 Sexiest all over again. 

It's Time To Play: “Guile’s Theme” from Street Fighter II

Instead of silently cussing in your head, let the epic fight them pump you up, and give you the adrenaline rush you need to squeeze in the car and the resolve to endure sweaty manongs and cranky manangs. Now go to work and be an office man!

The Situation: During Thesis Defense or Presenting To The President of Your Company

The time has come. After sleepless nights of preparing for the darned thing and grinding through stacks of paperwork and consuming life-giving coffee, the hour of reckoning has arrived.

It's Time To Play: “Force Your Way” from Final Fantasy VIII

Thesis defense or a quarterly presentation to your boss is much like a Final Fantasy boss battle. You’re presenting to people who look like they’re about to rend you apart and you’re wishing you could summon a Guardian Force that will fight in your place. Complete the atmospher with this rousing boss battle theme from the iconic RPG.

And once you’re done, don’t forget to play this:

The Situation: When You Need To Chill The Fvck Out

It’s a Wednesday, two days away from the weekend and two days away from having a legit excuse to slack off in the office. Everything seems to be effed up—your boss dropped shitloads of papers on your desk, your office Internet is slow, and your girlfriend is in her period. #TanginaThis. Is it time to go Super Saiyan? We say no.


It's Time To Play: “Around The Fire” from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Before you snap and jump off the building, pop this Skyrim tune to your player. It’ll chillax the raging beast in you. Fus roh relax, bro! #GamerReference

The Situation: When You’re In A Game Of Paint Ball With Your Bros

You've got the body armor ready, your game face is on-point, and your slightly deadly paintball gun is locked and loaded. What more could you do to pump yourself up?

It's Time To Play: “Stains Of Time” from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Since using something like Starcraft’s performance-enhancing Stim Packs are illegal when playing paint ball (LAME), get the next best thing: Metal Gear Rising’s adrenaline-boosting drug in mp3 form, “Stain of Time.” Listening to the hardcore beats and angsty lyrics will turn on your competitive mode, making you look like Solid Snake, except less gwapo.

The Situation: When You’re Making Da Moves To Your Crush

You know the general rule when it comes to swooning the ladies—they love the bad boys. Now that you’ve got the black leather jacket, the chick magnet hairstyle, and the body of a Greek god, the only thing missing is a badass background music.

It's Time To Play: “Jin Kazama” from Tekken 3

Jin Kazama is a badass brawler, and his soundtrack reflects this. Let his awesomeness rub off on you. Just make sure it doesn't cause you to uncontrollably punch things. Domestic violence = not cool, bro.

The Situation: When You Unleash Your Halimaw Mode At The Gym

Tired of hearing Nicki Minaj or some WTF remixes in the gym? Do you need a track that will push your strength to its limits as you try to achieve six pack abs and a V-line (A.K.A. the pinnacle of man’s fitness)?

It's Time To Play: “The Brotherhood Escapes” from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed is known for being a sneaky game. But surprisingly, it has balls-out tunes that allow you to zone-out from the gym’s distractions, and focus on getting a body that can help you climb buildings like Assassin's Creed Parkour God, Ezio!

The Situation: When It’s Sexy Time With The Girl/s

Say it with us: No more "Careless Whisper" in the bedroom.

It's Time To Play: “Aphrodite’s Chamber” from God of War 3

No other videogame track in existence can compare to the lustful melodies of this God of War track for one reasons: its association to the bewb-a-licious goddess Aphrodite. The sensual sounds will unleash your inner Kratos. So remember to warn the lucky girl that she’s in for one heck of a night!

The Situation: When You’re Buying A Gift For Your Girlfriend


A friendly reminder: boys, Pasko na. So for the love of Bethlehem, don't forget to get your girlfriend a gift that you devoted more than 10 minutes to think about. It's stressful, we know, so to put you in your "happy place," and to be zen while looking for that perfect gift, might we suggest a tune that's sure to give any gamer The Good Vibes?

It's Time To Play: “Super Mario Bros. Theme Song” from Super Mario Bros.

Searching for the perfect gift for your girlfriend is like searching for the Holy Grail—you don’t know where it is, you don’t know what it looks like, and you don’t know if it even exists. It’s totally confusing. So let Super Mario Bros.’ iconic videogame music to remind you of the challenges you had to overcome to beat that game, and remind you that no matter how hard it is, somehow you'll beat bad ol' Koopa.

Ignore our warnings, and you might just find your princess in another castle. #GamerReference.

Got any other videogame song that would be perfect for everyday life? Send us a text message (or you can just chime in at the comments box below.)