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Throughout mankind’s history, there have been many unknown wars. Some nations have fought to protect their lands from invaders, and others have fought prove their superiority over other races. War is a curse to mankind. It is a survival of the fittest. Three generations have passed since the secret war broke out. Tides of darkness have swept across the continents, and a new enemy awaits you. Now, the fate of the new world is in your hands!

War Rock allows players to experience the thrill of modern day warfare with up to 32 players online. Players have access to some of the most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems currently available. The Jindo 3D game engine brings the action to life with its patented physics engine which can display the most realistic special effects and animation. Players can operate vehicles like the Humvee, motorcycles, tanks, jet planes, boats, and many more. Through the Play Now system, users can play anytime they want. Users can choose and play with more than 20 different vehicles manufactured in various countries that are even upgradeable during battle.

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