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Aug 4, 2015
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Whenever Stephen Hawking's name is brought up, you can expect that whatever is being talked about is outright epic (and scientific).

So, when we learned that the trailer for the second installment of the Ben Stiller starrer, Zoolander 2, was narrated by what sounds like the English physicist-scientist's iconic voice, we knew we couldn't afford to miss it.


Check out the clip below:

Video via Paramount Pictures

Wait a minute. We thought Zoolander (coming in early 2016) was all about the fashion industry and a wannabe spy's hilarious shenanigans? Where did all those interplanetary and anatomical systems come from?

There's no official word yet if that was really Mr. Hawking talking or a perfect impersonation of his voice. Whatever the case, it sure as hell spiced up the trailer and made us wish that the scientific genius will indeed have a part (and a few convos with the "stupid" titular characterimagine those exchanges!) in the movie. We're crossing our fingers and toes!