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EMI Philippines
You’ll get two discs. Disc one is eight tracks of music not their own (covers). Disc two is 15 tracks of twisted minus one: it’s five songs played three times. On the first run there’s no guitars; on the second no bass; on the third no drums. So do you need all that complication to buy it? Well, they still wear their hearts on their sleeves as you can hear the fevered, impassioned performance. You know they accorded respect to their covers. While Bamboo has met a lot of criticisms for butchering several songs, it isn’t so much murdering a classic as it is putting their stamp on a song. In any case, “So Far Away” turned out to be a pleasant surprise, as was “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” The album could have done without “Alive” but “Umagang Kay Ganda” more than made up for it. Disc two, by the way, we figure was meant for garage bands to practice on their songs. – Lou E. Albano

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