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Feb 25, 2015
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Comic book superheroes are just like normal people—except for the part where they fly and lift boulders with their fingers. Here's one thing that we do have in common with these costumed freaks: They like to get freaky in bed, and they like to get freaky in bed with multiple partners.

In a prime example of supreme geek-hood, Gizmodo.com has featured an infographic charting the "romantic relationships of Marvel's finest!" So just in case you get into an argument as to who between The Beast and Wolverine has been luckier with women, you can just refer to the not-so-little chart below.

From billionaire industrialist Tony Stark to femme fatale Psylocke to that one-eyed monster Cyclops, here's a handy who's who of who's bonked who:

A few takeaways:

1)  We have another reason to idolize WOLVERINE: He has the most links in this chart, with a total of 13 romantic connections. 

2)  In spite of her Amazona looks, SHE-HULK's been getting it on with a total of eight romantic connections to lead the way for women. Coming in second is the equally strangely-colored MYSTIQUE with seven links.

3)  IRON MAN might be a billionaire but he ain't a fickle playboy. Stark carries the flag for monogamy with a total of four links labeled as a "serious relationship."

4)  PROFESSOR X actually married MYSTIQUE. Further research led us to this comic panel we found over at Bleedingcool.com:

5)  SCARLET WITCH lives up to her name by being a lover to Captain America (a good guy) and being in a serious relationship with Doctor Doom (a bad guy.)

Now, can someone please do a DC version! We want to know how many super sperm Superman has, uhm, fired!