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Aug 30, 2012
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We admit that, at first, Gandang Gabi Vice was one of those shows that baffled us. We thought it was just going to be an hour of Vice Ganda in all his fasyon glory. Or would just involve him flaunting his flamboyance, which, for some, is already an hour too long.


It also didn’t help that its home channel, ABS-CBN, first described the program format as “this revolutionary show that exudes the feel of a comedy bar and a television sitcom, the wit and humor of a talk show, and the fun and entertainment of a variety show!” But since we live in depressing times, we tend to take our laughs wherever we can get them. And so we watched Gandang Gabi Vice and found out that…it’s one of the funniest shows on TV right now!

Here are three reasons why we got hooked—trust us, this will get you enthusiastically proclaiming “Gandang gabi, Vice!”, too. (And no, his wardrobe choices aren’t one of them).

Vice’s opening numbers
You know how you troll YouTube hoping to find funny renditions of popular songs by some clueless shmuck? Well, Vice’s opening numbers are full productions of the latest in uso LSS’s, backed up by straight-faced dancers, professional musicians, and Vice’s trademark singing. You get the same satisfaction here. We’re not saying, of course, that Vice is a clueless shmuck. We actually agree that this guy is very, very smart and is laughing all the way to the bank because of it.

Oh, you didn’t know Vice could sing? You’re right, he doesn’t. But that doesn’t stop him—it’s his show and you’ll sit through him modulating his way through the latest danceable ditties.


Musical numbers aren’t also just reserved for the opening bit. Vice also specializes on impromptu performances. Like this rap battle he had with Fliptop’s Loonie.


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