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Feb 26, 2015
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Decades ago, talking trash was the sole realm of NBA players like Michael Jordan and Gary Payton, their contemporaries and weekend ballers who decided to adopt their rough-talking ways.

In this day and age, trash talking happens not only in real sport. It started a few years ago, when it happened during games of StarCraft and Counter-Strike. Today, it happens in the most popular online game in the country, DoTA. Unfortunately for these digital trash-talkers, we're also living in the YouTube age.

Here we've captured some of these fist-throwing exploits all thanks to what we thought was just a harmless game, which is now actually banned in a barangay in Cavite.

Let's get it on!

1)   This is how it usually starts, with one team doling out a ton of scorn at the other team.

Video via dabhandness

2)   Eventually, it leads to heated arguments where both parties threaten to do bodily harm to the other...

Video via Marco Jaurigue

3)   Which later on can explode to a riot that sometimes leaves the computer shop in a sorry state.

Video via Vir Ascabano

4)   Other times, the fight could spill out into the streets, with observers egging on both fighters.

Video via francis medallo

5)   At its worst, it could involve things like knives!

Video via PinoyTrending

We've got one advice DoTA players: Walang p