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Dec 6, 2013
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Weeks ago, we put the spotlight on the Playstation 4's graphics, specifically the leap from the Playstation 3. The fun exercise proved what we've known all along: the graphics are so much sweeter...and now we want a new console even more.

Today, we do the same for that other next-gen console, Microsoft's Xbox One—in the spirit of fairness, and in the spirit of, you know, getting to look at pretty videogame photos again. This time, we travel two console generations back, and compare the original Xbox 1 (launched November 15, 2001) with the Xbox One—which if we were naming consoles in true chronological order, would have been named Xbox Three.  

But we digress. Here below, the graphics of games past versus the graphics of games now, Xbox edition!

1) Ryse: Son of Rome VS. Halo: Combat Evolved

Next-gen jump attack:

Ancient-gen jump attack:

Next-gen open environment:

Ancient-gen open environment:

Next-gen final blow:

Ancient-gen final blow:

2) Forza 5 VS. Project Gotham Racing

Next-gen red sports car:

Ancient-gen red sports car:

Next-gen beauty shot:

Ancient-gen beauty shot:

Next-gen view from the cockpit:

Ancient-gen view from the cockpit:

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