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Mar 27, 2014
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In the beginning, YouTube was the go-to site for crudely produced home videos running at an eye-tearing resolution of 240p.

And then progress happened. The YouTube show got better. Roughly edited clips gave way to better produced web shows. Sharp video cameras started to become more accessible. And cat videos, well, from then 'til now, pretty much still reign no matter what we do.

In this first edition though of YouTube Series Of The Week, where we highlight a funny/interesting/weird/unique YouTube-only web series or channel, we turn our focus away from anything cat-related.

Instead, we look at the Internet's most badass blacksmith amongst nerds, Tony Swatton and his web show, Man-At-Arms.

Tony who? Tony Swatton, a 49-year-old blacksmith based in L.A., is a real-life crafter of coolest weapons. His passion, which started from his being a fan of fantasy and sci-fi books, lies in hitting the iron while it's hot, and this has transformed him into Hollywood's most famous smithie.

To name a few, he's the guy who made the swords in Pirates of the Caribbean, the murder weapons from CSI and Criminal Minds, the blades from Blade, and Hellboy, Batman Returns' Batarangs, and the Infinity Gauntlet from Thor. These intricate props (that could be as sharp as the real thing) are all made in his 25-year-old shop called "The Sword And The Stone," which, incidentally, also offers less exciting services such as knife-sharpening.

Last year, he got to showcase his smithing skills when the web show Man-At-Arms on the AWE ME channel debuted with an episode where Swatton remakes Game Of Thrones' Jaime Lannister's sword:


That episode is a sampling of why we love the show. It's a show where we get to see iconic pop-culture weapons come to life, ranging from famous videogame swords such as Cloud's Buster Sword, and Kratos' Blades Of Chaos all the way to the swords wielded by Adventure Time's Finn, He-Man, and Thundercats!

Best part is he grants the requests of his YouTube viewers. Panday's sword, anyone? 

While it's going to take a huge Internet mob before that one gets done, here we're sharing with you eight of our favorite things that Tony has made for Man-At-Arms. Man, what a cool job!

1) Sephiroth's Masamune - Final Fantasy VII


At 7 feet and a few inches long, here's a sword that's impractically long. The perfect katana for anyone who's into the hobby of overcompensating.

2) Kratos' Blades Of Chaos - God Of War


While we doubt we'll ever become as manly as Kratos who once slept with the Goddess of Beauty, Venus, these fictional chained blades are definitely a step in the right direction. We'd buy these in a heartbeat.

3) Cloud's Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII


Like Sephiroth's Masamune, his nemesis Cloud also has somewhat of a fondness for really, really, big swords. The Buster Sword is one of the most humongous blades in games, and while it can deal up to 9999 damage in games, it's also incredibly useless in real life. 

NEXT: Wolverine's claws, Thor's hammer, and batarangs!