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#WeirdAndKinky: 10 Bizarre Sex Toys

In today's What's Weird In Sex News, here's what happens when horny minds overflow with imagination!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 9, 2014
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So a couple of days ago we got wind of and reported about the fap-tastic device called The Handie. It's unique and, for those with GFs named Mariang Palad, is nothing short of a godsend.

It also looks, well, kinda weird. You could make a case for it being the version of the Infinity Gauntlet for horny dudes. Let us jog your memory:

bizarre sex toys

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Then, out of nowhere, a question popped in our R-18 minds: Are there other sex toys out there that can rival The Handie's weirdness? Turns out it's definitely not alone!

See below, ten devices that might not necessarily arouse you but will definitely make you say, "WTF, bro!"


bizarre sex toysImage via Publicrabbit on Tumblr

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What it is: A squid-shaped dildo

We say: If you've seen squids up close then you'll definitely think it's only a matter of time. And don't get us started on the tentacles. You know where that discussion will lead to.

Get it: FreeRangeSilicon at for $138 (around P6,100)


bizarre sex toysImage via Amazon

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What it is: A portable handjob device that looks like a grenade

We say: Okay, we got this, we got this. The Colt Power Stroker will give your peenor an explosive time (hopefully not literally)! The packaging says it's tight and stretchy, two super versatile words that can describe anything from Manila traffic to skinny jeans.

Get it: Via Amazon for $18.13 (around P810)

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