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10 Signs You've Mastered The Art Of Commuting

Commuter Level: 999999
by Aimee Dacanay for | Jun 1, 2016
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Oh Manila, you with your confusing road signs, cramped spaces, and unending traffic. If you've navigated these streets long enough, then you start developing a very particular set of skills...kind of like Liam Neeson, but for commuting. Here are 10 sure signs you're a master in the complicated art of commuting in the Metro.

You prepare loose change like a boss

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Because you're a seasoned commuter, you know exactly how much change you'll need to get to your destination. If you're making multiple stops, you set aside exact fare for every stop (heck, it's probably neatly divided per stop, too). The most important part? You'll keep the change somewhere accessible, like a small coin purse or just your pocket, so you won't have to take out your actual wallet.

You can sleep standing up...or with your eyes open

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Remember all those days in college when you pulled an all-nighter and you somehow learned to sleep with your eyes open during lectures? (Admit it, you've done this.) When you're a master commuter, you eventually learn this skill, too. It's a tricky one, but it's especially useful when you're in a bus or the train during rush hour.


You wake up exactly at (or just before) your stop

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No matter the destination or how exhausted you may feel, you just magically wake up at the perfect moment...just in time to yell, "Paraaaa!"

You're an expert at squeezing into incredibly tiny spaces

When there's a will, there's a way. Or maybe you're just really, really desperate to get home. Whatever the reason, you know exactly how to twist and squeeze yourself into the tiniest corner of the MRT, breathing room be damned. You've probably also mastered all these poses.

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You can text or read during rush hour and remain unfazed

Most of us wouldn't dare whip out our phones when it's rush hour and the threat of a magnanakaw looms. For the expert commuter, you know how to keep an eye on your valuables, no matter how hectic it gets. You also have no problem texting the whole time during your commute. (Bonus points if you can read a book through whole trip!)

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