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The Spermbot, Truly Scary Scarecrows, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Also in this week's dose: Durant's funny side, something for anime lovers, and #PinoyPride!
by Mars Salazar | Jan 15, 2016
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Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge!

We’ve got a life-size anime doll, a bit of travel inspiration, a way to make your sperm swim better, and a couple of Pinoys we should all be very proud of in this week’s edition of The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Get reading, gentlemen!

When it comes to sperm and getting your girl pregnant, it's a hit-or-miss affair. But that can change soon: Scientists have invented the Spermbot, a minute metal coil that fits around a sperm cell’s tail, instantly transforming it into a mini Michael Phelps. Sounds interesting but, would you try it?

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Having a bad day? This cute pup who smiles on command should bring a nice wide grin to your face. Say cheese!

Eleven-year-old Kashmea Wahi recently earned an IQ score of 162—the highest score possible for kids under 18. That effectively makes her smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking (at their age, at least). On the other hand, here we are, struggling on how to divide our restaurant bill...

If you only have a few seconds to spare today, watch Kevin Durant’s videobomb. Promise, you won't regret it!

So One Direction might be splitting up soon. We’re aware you probably don’t care, but your girlfriend might be affected. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Planning your travels for 2016? Explore your own backyard first: Look past the MRT woes and the bustling metropolis, and you’ve got a beautiful nation filled with gorgeous waters and stunning landscapes—as you’ll see in travel blogger Christian LeBlanc’s video below!

We never thought the manly Coco Martin could be transformed into such a beautiful girl, which was exactly what happened in a recent episode of Ang Probinsyano. Ang chicks, pare.


Another woman has made the country proud, and no, it’s not another beauty queen. Margarita Fores, the woman behind our go-to date places like Cibo, Lusso, and Grace Park, has been named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016 by the group Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Congrats, ma’am!

Speaking of beauty queens, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares just wants to remind Pia Wurtzbach that her Miss Universe winnings are not tax-exempt—yeah, even the crown! You better get ready for a deluge of negative reactions because of this, Ms. Kim!

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Thinking of a career change? A farm in Virginia is looking for kind folks to snuggle their baby goats. It might be weird seeing this bit in your resume but, who knows? Maybe the ladies will like it!

Pinoy singer Arthur Mangutang got a standing ovation for his performance in a Frank Sinatra tribute concert in the Czech Republic. Pinoy pride, yo!

If your girlfriend dreams of getting a Hermès bag, here's a reason to support her: a study has shown that the crazy-expensive Hermès Birkin (it can cost over a million pesos!) is a better investment than gold or stocks. Now, if you could somehow get your hands on one...

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Oh, Japan: The land of Mt. Fuji, anime, and FREAKY-ASS SCARECROWS DESIGNED TO MAKE PEOPLE PEE IN THEIR PANTS. Seriously, can you imagine seeing these things at night?!

Got a spare $16,500 (around P804,000!) lying around? You might want to consider splurging on this life-size figure of Megumi Kato from the anime Saekano (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend). Now, if they can make a life-size figure of, say, Fujiko from Lupin III...

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Here’s a fun challenge you could do with your buddies: Plow through four cheeseburgers in one bite. We don’t recommend doing this drunk though.


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