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#FengShui: 7 Lucky Things And Tips For A Better 2015!

Luck is in the air, especially if you follow this Feng Shui tips!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 6, 2015
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Another year, another round of "hindi-na-ako-____" resolutions and wishes that the next 365 days will be much better than the previous 365.

The truth is, there's no sure-fire way of predicting and ensuring that 2015 will be a blast, no matter how adamant that shady fortune-teller in Quiapo was.

However, that didn't stop us from asking and researching about having good fortune. The good news is, according to the Chinese tradition known as Feng Shui, there are a couple of things that might just help bring in good luck this year, and we provide them to you below.

Not that we're being superstitious but, whatever works, right?


Nope, it's not about pimpin' your crib to make it look fluffy and have your visitors go like this:

feng shui tips 2015GIF via Whendoiturnbackintoapumpkin

According to Feng Shui experts, it's good for your fortunes to have sheep images or figurines in your home in 2015 because, well, it's the year of the Wood Sheep. #OoNgaNaman

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In an interview with our sister site, international Feng Shui expert Marites Allen says the three lucky colors for this year are green, red, and blue. These colors are not only for good luck but for warding off misfortunes as well. So, go on; dress like you're three-fifths of Bioman for good luck!


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By that we mean investing in "fire" industries such as food, fuel, and electronics. Feng Shui expert Hanz Cua says these businesses have the potential to be profitable this year. He adds that investing in industries connected to the wood element (e.g. paper, rubber, furniture) is also a good idea since we're in the Year of the Wood Sheep.

Obviously, this one's for those with cash (and business balls).

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Charms play a role in Feng Shui talks every year, but the ones that are deemed to be lucky in 2015, according to Feng Shui expert John Chua, are:

Arowana figurines

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Having these helps in increasing luck in terms of money and finances for this year. It doesn't have to be an arowana thoughanything water-related is acceptable.

Treasure chest

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2015 is expected to bring a nice windfall of money, but the main problem is keeping the cash, hence, a treasure chest!

Money trees

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These small, tree-shaped metallic charms will also help bring in good luck especially if you're in the business of selling stuff.

Mystic knot

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This one's a symbol for smooth sailing so clip it to, say, your bag (it can be used as a keychain) and have it everywhere you go. Hopefully it will also help us ditch these traffic apps. #SmoothSailingDawEh


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Bracelets, specifically those with natural stones or crystals, will bring good luck in the Year of the Wood Sheep.


feng shui tips 2015
Cua says that the luckiest direction for 2015 is north. If you want to keep the good fortune flowing, place your appliances (e.g. TV, landline, music players) on the northern part or section of your house. Time to do a bit of heavy lifting, bros!


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As for the lovers, Cua reveals that the northwest is the "love sector" for this year, which means sleeping in that part of your house will bring good fortune in a relationship. Now you know where you should, uhm, bond with your jowa this year.


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Chinese astrology dictates that, for 2015, the lucky numbers are three, four, and nine while six, seven, and eight are the digits to avoid. A bit weird considering that the number eight is widely known in Chinese culture as a symbol of auspicious fortune, according to Allen. We're not about to tempt faith though by wearing our old school "Kobe Bryant Number 8" jersey we had stored away eons ago.

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Now please excuse us as we go to the nearest lotto outlet...

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