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CONTEST TIME: The 24-Hour Ford Fiesta Project

Ford gives you the chance to win a Ford Fiesta experience
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 3, 2013
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Ford Philippines launched last July 1 2013 a fun, interactive campaign designed to engage young and connected Filipinos by matching their personalities, lifestyles, and tastes with the new Ford Fiesta!

Over a six-week period, from July 1 until August 5, those who are participating will be asked to pick a Fiesta Profile that matches their personality and the time-of-day that best reflects their lifestyle. They then have to share their profile with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to become eligible to win a unique 24-hour Fiesta experience.

The Ford Fiesta is a youthful, energetic ride that any young professional looking for their first set of wheels should consider. This is a chance to experience the car, firsthand. And joining is easy!

To join, follow these steps:

1) Participants must “LIKE” the Ford Fiesta Facebook fan page

Here participants can discover their unique Fiesta Profile by taking the 24-Hour Fiesta Quiz found on the campaign tab.

The Fiesta Profile obtained from the quiz should match the participant’s personality. A participant may choose to re-take the quiz, with only the latest quiz result being considered as their official Fiesta Profile.

The eight Fiesta Profiles include:   

•    The Fiesta Sosyalista (1am-4am): without a doubt, the life of the party.

•    The Fiesta Sunrise Soldier (4am-7am): the first to seize the day, whether it’s laps at dawn or a game of one-on-one before work.

•    The Fiesta Zen Dreamer (7am-10am): loves to unwind with a hot cup of coffee or sit down with a good book.

•    The Fiesta Escape Artist (10am-1pm): a nature freak who loves the journey as much as the destination.

•    The Fiesta Art-Holic (1pm-4pm): has good eyes and skills for color, line, form and other elements that can be used to be aesthetically pleasing.

•    The Fiesta Chic Addict (4pm-7pm): lives by one word, Fashion. One who discovers it, makes it and owns it.

•    The Fiesta Charmer (7pm-10pm): lives by the rule that the best things in life are better when shared with friends.

•    Fiesta Tech Guru (10pm-1am): knows how to cleverly work and stay connected with every computer, tablet and smart phone.

Here's a graphic chart:

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