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4 Thirst-Quenching Local Craft Beers You Need To Try Right Now

Expand your taste profile (and get buzzed while you're at it)
by Mabie Alagbate | Oct 20, 2017
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In the past few years, casual beer drinkers and hardcore aficionados alike have been enjoying locally brewed beers, expanding their tastes from the usual commercial beer suspects. The benefit is immediately two-fold: one, it offers a much wider variety of choices for the consumer, and two, it’s helping to develop a new industry sure to enrich local genius in the industry of craft beer-making.

It continues to be an interesting time for homebrewers—more brands are breaking through the market. Here are some of the newer local craft beers you should definitely seek out.

1) Bulul Brewery Beers

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They just recently turned a year old, but for many, they still are considerably new. Bulul pays homage to the Igorot rice God, familiar to urban dwellers as the wooden figure usually in a sitting position, legs hugged close to the chest. Try out their wheat ale, brown man ale, trigo, Kudeta IPA, and Pumpkin, among others, and you’ll find yourself thanking the heavens for this alcoholic godsend. Hashtag: blessed.

2) Engkanto Brewery Beers

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It hasn’t been too long since Engkanto Brewery debuted in the fast-moving local craft brew scene. It should have no problem catching up, though, as they’ve already signed up with various bars and restaurants in Metro Manila. You can expect a filling line-up of the usual Blonde, IPA, Double IPA, Lager, and Blonde, while you can also look forward to a more interesting mix in the form of the curiously citrusy dalandan ale and stout with coconut. You’ll find yourself enchanted for sure.


3) The Professor’s Brew by Nipa Brew Craft Beer

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This brand has actually been around for over a couple of years now, but the great thing about it is that it keeps trying out new things. As such, you can expect new, delightful treats from their brewery that will further your dream career as a craft beer connoisseur. If you’re into tasting notes of citrus and pine in your drink, then rejoice and welcome the Hop Flask, the IPA that’s gold and hoppy like no other. 

4) Sikatuna Craft Brewery Beers

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This new player among craft brews digs deep, all the way back to the days of the Datus of old. According to history, Datu Sikatuna was pivotal in sealing the fate of the Filipinos with the rest of the world through a blood compact with Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. If they are to fulfill the legacy behind their name, then Sikatuna Craft Beers just might find themselves leaving a mark in the world of beer, and it’s going to be historic. But first, be the judge as they offer you their Oatmeal Stout, Sikatuna American IPA, and Extra Special Bitter.


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