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5 Tips from Fitness First's Dave Nuku

<p>The famous fitness trainer on impressing women, martial arts, and having down days</p>
| Mar 26, 2010
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In a major effort to shed a couple of pounds for the summer season, last week saw us do a feature on Fitness First’s “Lose Big” Program. (Check out the article here) [firstpara] All the same, a short recap might be in order: Lose Big is a 13-week structured exercise and nutrition weight loss program designed by Dave Nuku, the Blue Team Trainer for The Biggest Loser Asia.

The program sees to it that we are accompanied every step of the way, from the orientation phase, the foundation phase, the dynamic phase, and then finally taking control.

Sounds simple, yeah? Not really. The biggest hurdle, and the one that the Lose Big program attempts to help people with, is yor mindset.

And so we challenge Fitness First's Dave Nuku to help us mold ourselves into the fit and healthy pack of gentlemen we all aspire to be and stir clear of all the negativity that hinders us from taking action.

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Here are 5 motivational tips from Dave, made to help us get to the gym in no time.


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