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The Best (And Yummiest) Keto-Friendly Restaurants In The Metro

When you're on a diet, you gotta help yourself
by Vinz Lamorena | Feb 7, 2018
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Everyone is going for the Ketogenic diet these days because it requires you to make a seemingly simple (but terribly difficult) swap of food choices. A basic run-down of the Keto diet is trading carbohydrates—rice, breads, potatoes or anything packed with starch and sugars—for more intakes of protein and fat.

Some of you might be in misery, missing those unli-rice meals or the extremely mouth-watering cheeseburger-fries combo. It might even be difficult eating out with your friends and loved ones, if you don’t have the discipline to say no to carbs when the temptation presents itself.

Good thing delicious Keto options are easily on any menu, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a diet at all. But as they say, any diet still requires anything and everything eaten in moderation. So maybe on your cheat day you’d have some crave-worthy and indulgent bites—from a heavyweight steak to juicy crispy pata.

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The next time you’re eating out, ditch that “kahit saan, kahit ano” mindset. When you're on a diet, you gotta help yourself—make sure you try dining in these Keto-friendly restaurants:

1) Moonshine PUB

It’s too bad you can’t have some of their Truffle Mac and Cheese, but Moonshine PUB is also known to have one of the best fried chickens in town. They’re loved by regular diners for their huge servings—and if you’re not allowed to have any carbs, you can have a whole order to yourself, right? Don’t leave without trying their Sweet-Heat BBQ Ribs glazed in their own spicy barbecue blend.

Retail L005 to 006 The Sapphire Bloc Sapphire Corner Onyx Cormer Ortigas, Garnet Rd, San Antonio, Pasig City

2) Locavore

Order anything served on a sizzling plate and you won’t regret it. This restaurant innovates your usual Filipino dishes into a new favorite. There’s the Sizzling Sinigang with tarty sampaloc gravy, which lives up to the hype. There’s also the crowd-favorite Lechon and Oyster Sisig, which is so good on its own you won’t be needing any sides.

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10 Brixton St, Pasig City

3) Sweet Ecstasy


Maybe you’re craving for a good and juicy classic burger? At Sweet Ecstasy, you can order a naked burger—they use fresh lettuce leaves to sandwich the tastiest beef patty we’ve tasted in Manila.

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4) Chilli’s Grill and Bar

This American restaurant lets you trade your carbs for some lettuce, too. Not only are you sticking to your diet, you’re choosing healthier options in the process. Order the Steak Fajitas with some lettuce instead. Imagine those slices of tender, garlicky, and tangy meat wrapped in fresh and crisp lettuce. Now, doesn’t that sound like heaven?

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5) Frankie’s

Does Keto-friendly mean they don’t serve rice with their bestsellers? If that’s the case, then Frankie’s definitely fits the bill. We already know their chicken wings are your favorite—just stay away from the rice and eat a basket of chicken wings entirely on your own (we know you totally can). You deserve it, champ!

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6) Yakitori One

You can coast through any diet if you can eat their Beef Wagyu Cubes skewers all day, every day.

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7) Gourmet Gypsy

This restaurant was made by the Keto gods. Here, you can have carbs and dessert, as everything on the menu is Ketogenic-friendly. They use vegetables and fruits to recreate your favorite carbs, so you can fill yourselves with bread, ice cream, and cake at Gourmet Gypsy. They also have some legendary bites waiting to happen when you order their Paella, Porchetta, Lengua, and Kare-Kare. And you ought to try a new dish on every visit. Gourmet Gypsy is definitely not a one-time dining option.

25 Don A. Roces Ave, Diliman, Quezon City


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