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#Sepanx: 9 Delicious Foods You Should Stop Eating RIGHT NOW!

Let go of the microwaveable popcorn! Don't you know it's bad for you?! <em>#FHMBionic</em> shows you the other seemingly harmless foods that could actually hurt you!
by Voltaire Lozada | Oct 19, 2014
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Eating is a part of our lives. The skinny, the fat, and the fit all eat.

With globalization opening cultures to each other and technological advancements allowing us to find ways to grow crops and livestock more efficiently, we already live in a world with endless food possibilities. However, there are some dangers in eating everyday food, and even those we think are healthy, may not entirely be good for us.

We did away with some of the obvious choices (e.g. fast-food), and highlighted those that seem harmless but may actually be bad for you!


Deal breaker: Mercury

Apparently, fishes have a natural tendency to concentrate mercury in their bodies in the form of methylmercury—a toxic compound that affects our brain and nervous system, among other things. Eating raw fish exposes us to this compound, and large amounts could lead to mercury poisoning.



Deal breaker: PFOA, high levels of sodium and diacetyl

Microwaveable popcorn bags are coated with PFOA, a man-made chemical that’s classified as a “likely” carcinogen. You should also stop smelling freshly-popped butter popcorn, as the chemical that gives off that buttery smell, diacetyl, could lead to some respiratory problems. Finally, microwaveable popcorn has insanely high levels of salt, fat, and calories. #PaniraNaNgDietPaniraPaNgBuhay



Deal breaker: Manganese

According to studies, almonds can be harmful if not taken in moderation. Eating too much almonds could lead to weight gain (because of all the fat and calories), vitamin E overdose (which leads to headaches, blurred vision, and diarrhea), and interference with your medication due to its manganese content.

Oh, and did you know that almond is actually a kind of seed? Just putting it out there.


4)   SODA

Deal breaker: Sugar, sodium benzoate, phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup

It’s an open secret that soda isn’t the healthiest refreshment drink out there, since its high sugar content contributes to weight gain and diabetes. In fact, active ingredients like Sodium Benzoate and Phosphoric Acid are bad for your bones and teeth. We suggest you stick to good ol' H2O.

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Deal breaker: Sugar, carbohydrates

Just because they’re available in fitness stores doesn't mean they're naturally good for you. Energy bars contain plenty of sugar and carbohydrates, which aids in unhealthy weight gain if not used for fitness purposes. While these things are indeed energy boosters, people who consume 'em must at least exercise to feel its benefits.


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