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The Drinking Man's Guide To Barangay Poblacion

Here's your next Friday night itinerary for Makati's red light district
by Vita Mina | Jun 24, 2017
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Long a popular nighttime haunt for its abundance of bars, buns, and bosoms (all things that you can easily find on Padre Burgos Street), Barangay Poblacion has become a treasure trove of small restobars that offer relief for the few who wish not to partake in the fleshy pleasures that P. Burgos is famous for. Here’s why you should make Brgy. Poblacion your next destination with your boys. 

We’ve rounded up a list of the spots that can take you from happy hour to witching hour. The name of the game is simple: 5 stops with 1, 2, or even 3 options each, so you can choose your own adventure based on your mood (and budget).

Stop #1: Hear ye, beer yay

Catchy as it may sound, “Beer before liquor, never been sicker, liquor before beer, never fear/you’re in the clear” is a MYTH that needs to be buried. Contribute to the debunking of this myth with a round of beers at any of these spots:

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1) Kite Kebab Bar

Aside from the usual San Miguel Beers, Kite has a specialty on its drinks list: the Kite Beer, a mix of Kombucha (fermented black tea and sugar that supposedly brings an end to digestive woes), Red Horse, Sprite; all deceptively mixed in a tall beer glass. Word of advice: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

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Kite Kebab Bar
5772 Ebro Street
Open 11am-3am (Sun-Thu); 11am-4am (Fri-Sun)
(02) 8107388

2) Joe’s Brew

Call yourself a beer connoisseur? Haul ass to Joe’s Brew and order up their P300 Beer Flight: a wooden paddle the lines up 4 of Joey Viray’s brewskies, each to be taken one after the other in the suggested order.

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Joe’s Brew
5834 Matilde Street
Open 5pm-1am (Tues-Sun)
(02) 4000700

Stop #2 : Rooftop hangs

With your liver all warmed up, no doubt you’ll be ready for something harder. Move on to your next stop at dusk and pick a balcony seat while you order your next round.

1) Alamat

A fan of homebrews and local fare? Alamat’s red-hot sign above its long line of taps say it best: “CRAFT BEER FOR THE PEOPLE." Take it as a sign and order something off the tap, or a cocktail that's infused with local flavor, or made purely out of local ingredients (i.e. lambanog).

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Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli
Open 4pm-1am (Tue-Thu, Sun); 5pm-2am (Fri&Sat)
(0917) 5302580

2) Z Hostel Roof Deck Bar

Z Hostel’s rooftop views are unparalled in the area thanks to their location. Order whatever (yes, that’s a cocktail), #mayforever, or Punyeta to keep you company as you take in the view of the Makati Ave skyline.

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Z Hostel
5660 Don Pedro St.
Open daily
(02) 8560851 / (0917) 8898531


Stop #3: Liquor in the front

All those beers and walking up rooftops should’ve worked up your appetite, making you ready for the third stop. Order grub with your drinks, these places are just as good with their nosh as they are with their booze.

1) Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

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This place is so quintessentially Thai that it even serves Chang & Tiger beer (both widely available in Thailand) alongside the local San Miguel brews, but with an extensive (and very Asian) cocktail list, it’s doubtless you’ll be tempted to stay for more than one round of drinks.

Crying Tiger Street Kitchen
4986 Guanzon Street
Open 4pm-3am
(02) 8941769

2) Pura Vida

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This Costa Rican joint (pun intended), is tucked away along Don Pedro Street, which makes it a convenient stop before or after Z Hostel (or even Alamat). You’ll have an abundance of cocktails and shots to pick from, so choose wisely.

Pura Vida
Don Pedro Street
Open 6pm to 230am (Tues-Sun)
(02) 2469069

3) Bar Mathilde

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At Bar Mathilde, you’ll be choosing between 10 classic cocktails, aptly labeled “Liquid Sunshine” on the menu. With the amount of attention (that stems from genuine interest) these guys put into their cocktails, expect each glass to be worth the tag price.

Stop #4: Shot through the heart

For Bon Jovi, at least, but everyone knows the shot goes in best through the mouth. Knock back a few at any (or all) of the following:

1) A’Toda Madre

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Where tequila (and mescal!) is so top-notch, you’ll think twice about throwing it back in one swallow. So, don’t.

A’Toda Madre
G/F, Sunnette Tower, Durban Street
Open 5pm – 2am
(0998) 9855198

2) Le Café Curieux

Not a fan of agave spirits? Take yourself to Curieux and order any flavor of their House Rum. At 80 pesos a pop (or P720 for 10 shots), the chili and ginger shots are the most highly recommended out of the bunch.

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Le Café Curieux
Bel Air Soho Bldg, Caceres Street
Open 6pm – 2am
(02) 9066684 / (0905) 4826371

Stop #5: Rage Against the Machine

Whether you’re a belter, a spectator, or a raver, we bet you Poblacion has got exactly the thing to tickle even the weirdest of fancies.

1) Music Platinum KTV

Some things are better done inebriated, and singing is one of them. Rock stars do it, so why shouldn’t you? Pro tip: Go on a weekday and enjoy 50% discount on room rates.

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Music Platinum Family KTV
47 Polaris Street
Open 230pm to 4am
(02) 8903060

2) Ringside Bar

Ringside has been pitting midgets (and well-oiled ladies) against each other in a boxing ring for a decade now, so if your idea of entertainment is to laugh at someone at their own expense, then this is the place for you.

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Ringside Bar
1 Burgos Street cor. Kalayaan Ave.
(02) 8997106

Stop #6: A Beer For the Road

If the clock strikes 3 (AM) and you’ve still got gas in the tank, then look no further than these 24-hour haunts for your last hurrah.

1) Filling Station

Because one does not simply do a Poblacion crawl without stopping by the Filling Station, as it lies right smack in the center of P Burgos Street.

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Filling Station
50112 P Burgos Street
(02) 8972053

2) Handlebar Manila

This longtime Poblacion resident is always packed with people who try to take advantage of their Happy Hour promos. Happy hour or no, Handlebar’s beers are served cold (like your ex) and cheap (like you).

Handlebar Manila
Open 24 hrs
31 Polaris St.
(02) 8982189

While the impromptu inuman never grows old, there are days when the idea of stepping out for a drink (or a night) seems valid. Gather up your sweldo, your best reasons for inebriation, and your buds and take this drink-tinerary out for a spin soon.

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